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The Glass Meeple
Web Site: The Glass Meeple (theglassmeeple.com).

Board game reviews and run-throughs. Turns out teaching people how to play modern board games is a lot like teaching computer science. The goal of game reviews written for The Glass Meeple is to give you a good idea of how the game plays, what it’s like, the theme, etc. so you can make a more informed decision as to whether the game is a good fit for you or someone you love, or like at the very least. This is an ongoing project with new reviews posted every month.
Here Be Books & Games News
Web Site: Here Be Books & Games (herebebooksandgames.com/newsletter-archive/)

A monthly newsletter written and published for our book and game store - Here Be Books & Games. Includes upcoming events, new and upcoming games, game reviews, etc.

Works in Progress

iTips: Getting the Most Out of Your iPad (working title)
Publisher: Gale Force Publishing.

This handy guide fills in for the missing iPad manual with oodles of awesome and little-known iPad tips and tricks that will help you get the most from your iPad, whatever version you're using. Topics include everything from organizing your Apps to keyboard tricks and shortcuts to customizing your iPad's settings to recommended apps.

Published Works

JavaScript Concepts & Techniques: Programming Interactive Web Sites
Publisher: Franklin, Beedle, & Associates.
ISBN: 1-887902-69-4
E-Book ISBN: 9781590282038

Now available as an e-book (PDF format). This 730-page JavaScript textbook has been adopted by over 100 colleges and universities across the nation. It is written in a friendly, conversational style and contains oodles of scripting examples that students can immediately incorporate into their Web presentations. Line-by-line explanations and screen shots help students deconstruct and understand the code so that they can easily rework it to suit their own needs. Intended for web design students and first-time programmers.
WebWoman's JavaScript Reference
Publisher: WebWoman's Books.

This 28-page booklet is an invaluable quick reference for JavaScript programmers. It contains listings of all the objects, properties, methods, and event-handlers supported in both Core and Client-Side JavaScript through version 1.5.





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