WordPress Quick Start Training Class

Welcome to WordPress 5.1

This hands-on class teaches you how to set up a WordPress site, activate and customize themes, use widgets, install and configure plugins, create and edit pages, build menus and write posts.
4 hours. $119.


No prior experience with WordPress is required. Students should already be proficient with Windows and basic computer operations, including using a web browser, saving and editing files, using a mouse and keyboard, etc.

Students must have a fresh installation of WordPress to work on. This could be at their current web host or on wordpress.com or wordpress.org. If you need help acquiring a web hosting account and domain name or installing WordPress, please contact Tina to setup a time for her to help you with this. (Separate fee.)

What You Should Bring

Please bring your own laptop, fully charged and your login information to access your WordPress site. We’ll provide you with free WiFi access while you’re here. We do have a few outlets available, should your battery need recharging. You should also bring a pen and paper to take notes.

Course Outline

Welcome to WordPress 5.1
  1. Intro to WordPress
    • What is a Content Management System?
    • What are Themes, Plugins and Widgets?
    • Pages vs. Posts
    • The WordPress Interface
  2. Applying a Theme
    • What to look for in a theme
    • Customizing a theme
  3. Configuring Basic Settings
    • General settings
    • Writing, Reading and Discussion settings
    • Media and Permalinks settings
  4. Building Your Main Menu
    • Stubbing out the basic pages: Home, About Us, Contact Us, etc.
    • Setting up a Privacy Policy
    • Creating your main menu
  5. Widgets
    • Widget locations
    • Using Widgets
  6. Installing Plugins
    • Caution regarding plugins
    • Installing a plugin to perform backups
    • Importance of Updating plugins
  7. Creating a Post
  8. Updates & Backups
    • Updates
    • Backing up your site
  9. Homework
    • Write content for main pages
    • Finish Privacy Policy
    • Where to find additional plugins and themes
    • Setup social media accounts