iPad and iPhone Tips & Tricks Class

iPad displaying a pink flower

With great features like two video cameras, a fast processor, gorgeous Retina display, and a million apps* to choose from, the iPad is the world’s best tablet device. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a manual, so you used to be on your own to learn how to use it. Not anymore.

iPad - Where's the Manual

Now, in this 2-hour class, Tina will teach you oodles of awesome and little-known tips and tricks that will help you get the most from your iPad and iPhone, whatever version you’re using. Topics include everything from organizing your Apps to keyboard tricks and shortcuts to customizing your device’s settings to recommended apps.
2 hours. $59.


No prior experience with an iPad or iPhone is required.

What You Should Bring

Please bring your own iPad and/or iPhone, fully charged. We’ll provide you with free WiFi access while you’re here. We do have a few outlets available, should your battery need recharging. So it wouldn’t hurt to bring your charger, too. You should also bring a pen and paper to take notes.

Course Outline

Here are some of the potential topics Tina will cover in iPad Tips & Tricks.

  1. App Management Tricks
    • Organize and rearrange your Apps
    • Create, rename & remove App Folders
    • Add two more Apps to the Dock
    • Access your running Apps, switch
    • between them  & close apps you’re not using to free up resources
    • Remove Apps from your iPad
    • Pause an App installation  to prioritize another one
  2. How To Tips
    • Reboot your iPad
    • Access the Notification Center
    • Quickly adjust the volume or mute your iPad
    • Take a picture from the Lock Screen
    • Focus your iPad camera on particular
    • subjects and meter light properly
    • Switch between cameras
    • Take a Screenshot of your iPad screen
    • Turn Your iPad into a Digital Photo Frame & set transition effects
    • Split, merge and dock the keyboard
    • Use the Control Center to adjust brightness and volume, launch the Timer or Camera, change Air Drop settings, and toggle Airplane mode
  3. Typing and Editing Tricks
    • Position the cursor (insertion point) exactly where you want it
    • Use Auto Correct to finish words as you type, check spelling, lookup words, and utilize the thesaurus
    • Select, Copy, and Paste words, paragraphs and blocks of text
    • Use the hidden apostrophe and quotation marks keys on your keyboard
    • Type a single numeric digit without switching to the number screen
    • Toggle the Caps Lock on/off on the fly
    • Undo and Redo typing
    • Auto finish sentences to save typing
    • Add foreign characters and emoticons to your keyboard so you can type them quickly
    • Create and use keyboard shortcuts for frequently used phrases
  4. Tips for Customizing Your iPad’s Settings
    • Customize the Wallpaper on your iPad’s Lock Screen and Home Screen 
    • Lock your iPad’s orientation
    • Control App Notifications to conserve battery power and resources
    • Stop your iPad from asking to join Wi-Fi networks
    • Set up AutoFill with your contact info to make filling out web forms a breeze
    • Turn off Auto Correction when it’s annoying
    • Tell Spotlight Search where to look
    • Customize the Side Switch, Gestures, and Home Button Triple-click
    • Restrict Access to apps, content & App Store to kid-proof your iPad
    • Set up your iPad to Delete All Data when Passcode is Denied 10 times
  5. Tips for Utilizing Your Apps
    • Calendar & Reminders
    • Safari and other web browsers
    • Google Maps
    • Mail & iBooks
  6. Recommended Apps
    • Dropbox
    • Plaintext
    • Wunderlist
    • Find iPhone
    • Print n Share