Excel Tables & Charts Class

Excel Tables & Charts

This class will introduce you to using Tables and Charts in Microsoft Excel. You’ll learn how Tables can speed up data entry and formatting. You’ll also learn how to name cells and regions, use named cells to clarify formulas, create drop-down lists to guide and limit data entry, and create a variety of graphs and charts to visually illustrate data. 2 hours. Price: $59.


Excel Basics or equivalent knowledge. Students should already be proficient with Windows and basic computer operations, including saving and editing files, using a mouse and keyboard, etc.

What You Should Bring

Please bring your own laptop, fully charged, with Microsoft Excel 365, 2016 or 2019 already installed. We’ll provide you with free WiFi access while you’re here. We do have a few outlets available, should your battery need recharging. You should also bring a pen and paper to take notes.

Course Outline

  1. Using Tables
    • What are tables?
    • Creating tables
    • Changing the Style of a table
    • Adding and inserting columns and rows
    • Summing columns and rows
    • Adding a Total Row with a single click
    • Converting a Table back to a regular spreadsheet
  2. Naming
    • Naming Cells
    • Using Named Cells in calculations
    • Naming Regions
  3. Drop-Down Lists
    • Creating drop-down lists to guide & limit data entry 
    • Using the Data Validation Tool on individual cells
    • Creating an updateable Drop-Down List
  4. Analyzing Data
    • Quick Data Bars
    • Creating Charts
    • Quick Sparklines
    • Pivot Tables
    • Browsing & using Recommended Charts for your data
    • Adding elements to charts
  5. Formatting a Worksheet
    • Applying basic Conditional Formatting
    • Creating and using Templates
  6. Managing Workbooks
    • Adding, copying, moving and renaming Worksheets in a Workbook
    • Managing Workbook and Worksheet Views
    • Managing Workbook properties
  7. Printing Worksheets
    • Previewing and printing a Worksheet
    • Setting printing options and configuring Headers and Footers