Excel Formulas & Functions Class

This class will introduce you to using more complex formulas and functions in Microsoft Excel worksheets and workbooks. You’ll learn how to use Excel’s Function Library, use dates and calculate time, join text from multiple cells, split text into multiple cells, write conditional statements and perform lookups.
2 hours. Price: $59.


Excel Basics or equivalent knowledge. Students should already be proficient with Windows and basic computer operations, including saving and editing files, using a mouse and keyboard, etc.

What You Should Bring

Please bring your own laptop, fully charged, with Microsoft Excel 365, 2016 or 2019 already installed. We’ll provide you with free WiFi access while you’re here. We do have a few outlets available, should your battery need recharging. You should also bring a pen and paper to take notes.

Course Outline

  1. Review Basic Formulas & Spot Checking
    • Sums & Counts, Average, Minimum and Maximum
    • Viewing sums, counts and averages in the Status Bar
    • Viewing function cell references
  2. Using the Function Library
    • Building a function
    • Using Intellisense when entering functions
  3. Dates & Time
    • How Excel calculates time
    • Entering and using dates
    • Today() and Now() Date functions
    • Inserting current day and/or time statically
    • Calculating time
  4. Concatenating and Splitting Text
    • Joining text from different cells
    • Writing text and dates together
  5. Conditional Statements
    • IF Statements
    • Using IF with another function
    • Named Ranges
    • Summing cells that meet certain conditions
    • Counting cells that meet certain conditions
    • Using the Function Wizard
  6. Formatting a Worksheet
    • Applying basic conditional formatting
    • Creating and using Templates
  7. Managing Workbooks
    • Add, copy, move and rename Worksheets in a Workbook
    • Looking up data in another Worksheet