Excel Basics Training Class

Learn how to create Excel spreadsheets

This class will introduce you to electronic spreadsheets and the basics of using Microsoft Excel. Upon successful completion of this class, you’ll be able to create, modify, and print Excel worksheets. You’ll also be able to use Auto Fill to speed up data entry, perform calculations, sort and filter data, format content, and set up pages for printing. 2 hours. Price: $59.


No prior experience with Excel is required. Students should already be proficient with Windows and basic computer operations, including saving and editing files, using a mouse and keyboard, etc.

What You Should Bring

Please bring your own laptop, fully charged, with Microsoft Excel 365, 2016 or 2019 already installed. We’ll provide you with free WiFi access while you’re here. We do have a few outlets available, should your battery need recharging. You should also bring a pen and paper to take notes.

Course Outline

  1. Getting Started with Microsoft Excel
    • Creating and saving a basic Workbook
    • Cell references
  2. Entering Cell Data
    • Entering data manually
    • Using Auto Fill
  3. Performing Calculations
    • Summing rows and columns
    • Spot checking sums, counts and averages
    • Static Cell References
    • Reusing formulas and functions
  4. Sorting and Filtering Data
    • Sorting data alphabetically and numerically
    • Filtering data by specific criteria
    • Turning off filtering
  5. Modifying a Worksheet
    • Inserting, deleting, and adjusting cells, columns and rows
    • Find and replace data
  6. Formatting a Worksheet
    • Applying text and number formats
    • Aligning cell contents and wrapping text in cells
    • Cell Styles and Themes
  7. Printing a Worksheet
    • Previewing and printing a worksheet
    • Configuring print options, Headers and Footers
    • Repeating rows or columns on each page
    • Freezing panes in large worksheets