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Learn how to create Excel spreadsheets

With its powerful number crunching and data organizing capabilities, it’s no wonder Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet application for business, school, government and personal use. Which makes it an important application for you to have in your professional skill set. Learning Excel is a great investment of your time and money.

While Excel and other spreadsheet applications were originally developed to assist in a variety of accounting tasks, they’ve since become excellent tools for sorting, tracking and analyzing large and even small amounts of all kinds of data. Here are some examples:

  • Accounting figures such as sales reports, budget plans, forecasts, expense tracking, financial reports, loan calculators, etc.
  • Contact lists, students’ grades, Girl Scout cookie orders, wedding guest list…
  • Inventory tracking: retail store inventory, your game collection, movies you own…
  • Charts: displaying data in a more visual and digestible way whether via pie charts, line charts, bar charts, etc. With Excel, you, too, can transform rows and columns of numbers into beautiful charts.
  • Calendars, schedules, goal planning worksheets…
  • Task lists, checklists, time logs, workout logs…
  • Mailing lists, invitation lists, etc. Then you can use Mail Merge in Microsoft Word to print address labels, envelopes, invitations, form letters, etc.

In other words, the possibilities are endless. Not only can learning Excel give you an edge in business, it can make number crunching and data tracking tasks in your personal life easier as well.

Classes & Training

WebWoman offers basic and advanced Excel classes as well as one-on-one training. So whether you’re brand new to Excel or seeking advanced knowledge, we’ve got you covered.

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