About WebWoman

Tina McDuffie, aka WebWoman™, relocated with her husband to South Carolina when he retired from the Navy in 2003. While in San Diego, California, Tina taught computer science at community colleges and continuing education centers for seven years. A web pioneer, Tina was the first to teach web design & development at community colleges in the San Diego area. She went on to write curriculum for many web development-related classes for Grossmont College, Cuyamaca College and Trident Technical Continuing Ed Center and developed an Electronic Commerce degree program for Cuyamaca College.

Unable to find an adequate textbook for teaching JavaScript programming, Tina wrote her own. Published by Franklin, Beedle & Associates, her book, JavaScript Concepts & Techniques: Programming Interactive Web Sites, has since been used by over 100 colleges and universities to train web developers across the nation. Despite its age (death for any computer book), there are still a few colleges utilizing it in electronic format. Of course, at its core JavaScript hasn’t changed much since Tina wrote the book, so the introductory programming instruction is still relevant today.

Tina continued teaching here in South Carolina at Trident Technical Institute Continuing Education and at the book & game store she owns with her husband. Both McDuffies also regularly teach their customers how to play modern board games. These skills translate well as many of the games are very similar to computers and technology in terms of complexity.

Tina is well-versed in many computer and technology subjects. Some of the classes she’s taught in the last 23 years, include:

  • Web Design, HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Dreamweaver
  • Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access
  • iPad/iPhone Tips & Tricks
  • JavaScript Programming
  • Web Server Management

Tina has also provided one-on-one training and consulting on a variety of web-related topics, including:

  • WordPress
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Web Site Usability and Accessibility
  • E-Commerce

In December 2017, Tina and her husband Tim reopened a new game store. Here Be Books & Games features three game rooms and is particularly well-suited for holding computer & technology classes.


  • Master of Science Electronic Commerce
  • Bachelor of Science Information Systems
  • Associate of Science Mathematics


JavaScript Concepts & Techniques: Programming Interactive Web Sites by Tina Spain McDuffie

Publisher: Franklin, Beedle, & Associates.
ISBN: 1-887902-69-4
E-Book ISBN: 9781590282038

Now available as an e-book (PDF format). Over 100 colleges and universities across the nation have adopted Tina’s 730-page JavaScript textbook. Written in a friendly, conversational style, JavaScript Concepts & Techniques contains oodles of scripting examples that students can immediately incorporate into their Web presentations. Line-by-line explanations and screen shots help students deconstruct and understand the code so that they can easily rework it to suit their own needs. Intended for web design students and first-time programmers.

The Glass Meeple

Web Site: The Glass Meeple (theglassmeeple.com). 

Tina’s blog, The Glass Meeple, provides board game reviews and run-throughs. Turns out teaching people how to play modern board games is a lot like teaching computer science. The goal of Tina’s game reviews on The Glass Meeple is to give you a good idea of how a game plays, what it’s like, its theme, etc. so you can make a more informed decision as to whether the game is a good fit for you or someone you love. The Glass Meeple is an ongoing project with new reviews posted monthly.

Here Be Books & Games News

Web Site: Here Be Books & Games (herebebooksandgames.com/newsletter-archive/)

A monthly newsletter written and published for the McDuffie’s game store – Here Be Books & Games. Includes upcoming events, new and upcoming games, game reviews, etc.

WebWoman’s JavaScript Object Reference by Tina Spain McDuffie

Publisher: WebWoman’s Books.

This 28-page booklet is an invaluable quick reference for JavaScript programmers. It contains listings of all the objects, properties, methods, and event-handlers supported in both Core and Client-Side JavaScript through version 1.5.