WebWoman™ – your computer training superhero!

Get the computer training classes you need in WordPress, Excel, Photoshop, Illustrator, iPad, iPhone, Web Design, SEO and more. WebWoman provides small hands-on classes with an instructor, who’s there in-person to assist you. So you can learn the subject quickly and put your new skills into practice immediately.

Tina has a knack for demystifying computer technology. She teaches and writes in a friendly, conversational style, always encourages questions, and explains technical jargon in easy-to-understand terms.

– Jennifer Joe

Benefits of Face-to-Face Instructor-Led Training

The benefits of face-to-face, instructor-led training are many. Not only is it easier for you to focus on the material at hand in a classroom free from interruptions, you’re also assured of completing your learning goals in a timely manner. Plus, you can get immediate help, ask questions and get feedback from your instructor and fellow students. Online training, whether via videos or live remote feeds, just can’t replicate a real face-to-face experience.

Computer Training Classes Available

WebWoman™ offers a variety of computer training classes, including:

Please see our Class Schedulefor upcoming dates and times. If a class you’re interested in isn’t currently listed on the schedule, contact us and we’ll try to get one scheduled soon.

Target Audience

All of the classes listed above are perfect for adults who want to improve their technical skills, whether for work or personal enrichment. For most subjects, WebWoman™ offers several classes of varying degrees of difficulty, so you can choose courses according to your skill level and needs. Please see the Prerequisites section in the course description for details on a particular class.

We developed a few of our classes for specific audiences. For example, our WordPress classes were designed to help small business owners build their own web sites. Our iPad/iPhone Tips & Tricks class is particularly well-suited for seniors and non-techies.

We’re flexible, however. It’s one of the benefits of providing live face-to-face instruction: we can tailor classes to the skills of the students attending. Of course, one-on-one training is also always available.